I am seeking a role in web development, or some other programming environment, that will challenge my abilities to be creativite as well as utilize my leadership skills. My aim is to grow further cognitively while becoming a vital contributing member of my work environment.
  Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
  Programming/Scripting Languages
    Pascal, C/C++, Java, HTML, Visual Basic, and Assembly (x86)
    In Progress:
      CGI, Perl, JavaScript, Web graphics, FORTRAN
  Operating Environments
    Windows 95/98/NT, DOS, UNIX, Linux
  General Computer
    Office97, including Word and Excel
    Corel PhotoPaint, Adobe PhotoShop
  Following is a portfolio of the pages I'm designing for my web development class, with a brief description of the objective behind the page.
  Theme Page
    A Rose By Any Other Name: This is a theme page, which is a multiple-page site. The focus was on consistency in navigation and design, as well as the presentation of meaningful content in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
  Perl and Server Side Includes
    A Rose By Any Other Name: This is a revision of the above page, with a significant difference stemming from how the user will navigate through the site. Server side includes were also used in this page to display the date of the last modification to the file, as well as to upload a couple of blocks of HTML code.
    A Rose By Any Other Name: This page is an exercise in JavaScript techniques in navigation and aesthetics. The content and basic architecture of the site remains unchanged from the previous two sites above.
  Cascading Style Sheet and PHP
    Northwind Traders: The set of pages designed for the Northwind Traders company provided by MS Access is utilizes a Cascading Style Sheet to control the typography and layout of the page. PHP programming techniques are used to generate the pages that display product and order information. NOTE: This is a student project, for a fictitious company; nothing is being sold on this site, so do not contact me, no matter how enticed you may become!
  I communicate effectively in both the written and oral spheres, am flexible, a quick learner, and I try to be creative. I work well in a collaborative environment as well as independently.

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