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        There are many types of roses available. Each category of roses is distinguished by several factors: number of petals, size of bloom, shape of bloom, and so on. Here, I will highlight the most commonly seen types of roses: Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, and Grandiflora.

      The Hybrid Tea is the first of the modern rose, and is the one perhaps most enjoyed by rose enthusiasts. This line of roses began in 1867, with the rose 'LaFrance'. Within this category, roses are large, grow on long stems, and have the classic shape of the rose flower. They have many petals to a flower, in the range of 25-50. These roses are typically very fragrant. Some famous roses of this category are the Chrysler Imperial, Miss All-American Beauty, Tropicana, Mister Lincoln, and Oklahoma.

      The Floribunda roses are more compact, generally hardier, and are low-growing. The blooms on these roses are medium-sized, with the number of petals ranging from 6-12 on varieties like Betty Boop to 25-35 on varieties like the Europeana. These bushes grow to an average of 3-5'.

      The Grandiflora classification of roses originated with the rose Queen Elizabeth. Because this flower had such a unique blend of Hybrid Tea and Floribunda characteristics, the American Rose Society created this category just for her, in 1954. She fit the following bill, and it ws hoped that her successors would do the same: the 'Queen Elizabeth' had the flower quality of the classic hybrid tea with long-stemmed and high-centered blooms, as well as blooms produced in clusters like a Floribunda.

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