The word rose is derived from the Latin rosa, meaning red. This flower comes in many colors, however: red, yellow, pink, peach, white, and all the colors in between. The rose has come to stand for a great many things, including passion, love, hope, and the ultimate in beauty and perfection. Following is a brief list for the various meanings associated with the different colors and states of roses.

Red This color, the classical color of the rose, stands for love, passion, beauty, and perfection.
Pink The pink rose stands for elegance and grace.
Yellow The yellow rose symbolizes friendship and joy
Peach The peach rose can mean excitement, adventure, and desire.
White This color connotates innocence, freedom, and secrecy.
Red/White When a red and white rose are entwined, this becomes a symbol of unity.
Thornless A rose which is without its thorns signifies sincerity and friendship.
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