For this project, we were to incorporate typography into the layout/design of four (fictional) posters/websites.
It was vital to pay attention to the personality/tone of different fonts to aid in, and not detract from, communicating
the message of the posters. We were asked to use type responsibly.

Fonts used: Edwardian Script, Rockwell, Trajan Pro

Background image: Dunrobin Castle, Scotland (wallpaper image found online)

Fonts Used: Barcode Font, OCR A Extended, Motorwerk

Background composed with PhotoShop brushes from

Lorem ipsum alternative text from

Fonts Used: Century Gothic, Rockwell, Trajan Pro

Background image of Harvardís Boylston Hall

Fonts Used: Rio Grande, Calligraphy 421BT

Images: Cowboy Clips and Seeing Stars

Layouts with grid overlay: