Faatimah is a technophile with an academic background in Computer Science. While her professional experience is not plentiful, she does have a knack for learning new technologies. Undergraduate and graduate studies provided a wealth of classroom knowledge, and also served to be a great learning experience in the powers of teamwork. Classes that she favored include Software Engineering, particularly the 3-course graduate SE sequence of Software Engineering, Software Archictecture, and Software Testing.

In the time after graduate school, Faatimah has been keeping up with various platforms. She has recently delved into content management systems, and while playing with WordPress themes was a lot of fun, even more enjoyment was to be had in building a movie rental web application (Hello, Netflix!). That was built with PHP 5.3, integrated with a simple SQL database on the backend. (In due course, the SQL database will be created on this web server, so that you may see it in action.)

Other recent projects involved learning the intricacies of ASP.Net: one was a toy store application, and another was the ever-ubiquitous to-do list (who doesn't love making lists for the sole pleasure of removing items from said list?!). Would that the hosting provider of this website allowed for Windows applications, so you could take these recent applications for a test run yourself!

This programmer has delved into Android programming, utilizing Eclipe to that end. She has also waded into the shallow end of iOS programming, having gotten comfortable with the xCode 4 development environment. Not having a Apple system to develop with, it became necessary to use a virtual installation of Mac OS X Lion 10.7 via VMWare...first being very briefly successful with a dual boot of Mac on a Windows machine -- which is a story for another day.

Faatimah is looking forward to a career in technology that can hone her skills into a specific domain of technology. Which is to say, she is seeking her niche somewhere in the vast field of software engineering, with a preference for mobile technologies or application architecture.

Personally speaking, Faatimah hails from the beautiful country of South Africa. Having been transplanted (not quite like a tree!) in Orange County, California at a young age, she is happy to call California home. She enjoys photography, baking, chocolate, birds, and the beach. In any order.

She will stop speaking in the third-person henceforth!